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Discover a unique formula for your meeting or incentive with us. After an important meeting, you can relax with a local beer, or strengthen your team with a sporty one team building activitythat is both challenging and connecting. The beautiful green surroundings of the Ardennes and the extensive gardens surrounding our domain provide the perfect setting for rest and relaxation. It is the ideal combination of work, pleasure and nature, where your guests can completely relax and recharge.

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Discover the ideal location for team building and incentives . Our facilities offer a perfect combination of comfort and adventure , ideal for strengthening team bonds and motivating your employees.

Numerous adventurous activities are possible in the beautiful surroundings of the Ardennes. From challenging hikes and mountain bike trips to exciting climbing and kayaking adventures, there is something for every team . These activities not only promote cooperation and team spirit, but also offer a unique opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking nature.


In collaboration with ECCO LA LUNA, we ensure that your team building or incentive becomes an unforgettable experience !

Compete with the various camp teams in search of the Robinson of your company. Jeppa Sport challenges yourself, your team members and your survival skills.

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